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One Lump or Two? is one man's deeply personal account of facing oral cancer, surgery, radiation, and recovery.  It takes the reader on a journey through the emotion of a cancer diagnosis, pre-operative preparation, trans-oral robotic surgery & recovery and then into the world of external beam radiation and its associated challenges. 


One Lump or Two? sheds light on the extraordinary circle of care provided by Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and the author's new found appreciation for living life one day at a time.


Cancer patients and their loved ones should read One Lump or Two?

Robert D. Livernois, Ph.D. is a public school educator with nearly 30 years experience. 

He and his wife Jeanne share six children and reside in Michigan. 

"Oral Cancer is an epidemic among middle-aged males, often originating in the tonsils, base of tongue, or throat"

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